Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Languages and Superfluous

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Mary Blume: If you can't master English, try Globish

Uhm, perhaps English is really a too ambitious goal for me and so I could try with Globish :-) . Anyhow I think that the best way one can learn Globish is still to study and to exercise with English, though this doesn't seem to be the opinion of Jean-Paul Nerrière (for obvious reasons :-). So I'm not going to change my plans.

By the way, I've just discovered that also Itanglish is sometimes used to indicate an englishized Italian, hence Itaglish was in fact a good choice. Moreover I've foud a post with a lot of other proposals for a name for this new language.

The sure thing is that writing in Itaglish (or Globish or English) is hard and so, sometimes, I give up. That is one of the reasons that I've created Superfluous, the space in Italian of Superfluo.

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2006-Feb-27 CET: Superfluous

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Left by sakscia at 6 Dec 5:28 PM

Inglese, Itaglish o Globish, io continuo a non capirci niente ;-)