Saturday, 12 November 2005

Upgrade of blojsom and PostMailerPlugin

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I upgraded blojsom to version 2.27. Everything went well except of a misunderstanding with TinyMCE templates.

Writing a new post, I noticed that my policies' configuration was excessively restrictive, unless one doesn't need trackbacks :-P . If it isn't the case, it's better to allow every outwards connection:
permission "*", "connect";

I've slighty adjusted the PostMailerPlugin too:

  1. copy blojsom-postmailer.jar to WEB-INF/lib,
  2. in your global /WEB-INF/ file, add the following line:
  3. create in /WEB-INF/(blog-id) a configuration file named (you can specify a different name in /WEB-INF/web.xml). In the sample configuration file you find some documentation about configurable parameters.

2005-Dec-05 CET: update.

Posted by Nicola Piccinini at 3:38 PM CET in blojsom/

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Left by Jon Thompson at 30 Nov 8:59 PM

I've followed your instructions for installing postmailer and restarted blojsom. The logs say that it loaded postmailer. However, I am not getting it to send mail to me.

Does postmailer depend on sendmail, or some other item that I don't have installed? This is on a stock Mac OS X Server 10.4.3 box.

Left by pic at 1 Dec 1:33 AM

PostMailerPlugin uses blojsom SendEmailPlugin to send email, it's the same component that sends email for new comments and trackbacks. Do these features work?