Monday, 5 December 2005

Improving my blojsom installation

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Now I'm running the CVS head version of blojsom because:

  1. I'm using the new exclusion mapping feature (see blojsom changelog) for filtering out the entries in category zzz,
  2. I slightly modified the source code of org.blojsom.filter.PermalinkFilter to move around the lack of URIEncoding configuration parameter in the version of Apache Tomcat on mayatecnologie (see Internazionalization section in blojsom FAQ) and so, in order to merge future releases, it's better to work under version control.

With the usage, I've noticed that my policy configuration was still too much restrictive. It's necessary to add
permission "/tmp/-", "read, write, delete";
to allow resources' upload.

Posted by Nicola Piccinini at 10:19 PM CET in blojsom/